How is DigPed Lab different? A reflection and a call

This is my first post on this new blog on Knight Domains! I foresee using this space to reflect and work in the open on my projects at St. Norbert College. For this first post I’m reflecting and asking for feedback on attending Digital Pedagogy Lab.

I’ve attended Digital Pedagogy Lab several times and it seems to me to be a unique experience that is unlike other conference experiences. This year I am attending with a group from St. Norbert and I wanted to reflect on those differences to my group and then figured why not open this up to get reflections from others.

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  1. Thank you Autumm for sharing your thoughts about how DigPed Lab is different from a typical conference. It is helpful to go in with eyes wide open and a different set of expectations than one takes to other types of conferences. Looking forward to having the opportunity to develop community with others and learn from them as they learn from me.

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